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Monday, May 24, 2010

Yummy Lolly

Yes, yummy indeed!! I felt like a change of scenery so just performed my first template download/unzip/upload/and customize. :D It was super easy thanks to Yummy Lolly and the easy-peasy instructions provided. Please go take a look and tell me what you think.

Well, we had a busy weekend!! I went out for drinks with a couple friends on Friday night. I'm not much of a going out girl so it was my first ever time at our local clubs. Frankly, I'm surprised that such a small town provides so many entertainment options.

I had a scrap class on Saturday morning but got my times mixed up so my wonderful man took all the kids to rugby on the Coast while I had a nice, quiet morning. I went to watch my nephew play soccer then had coffee and croissants with his mum.

By the time I'd finished being indulgent, I had to get home to pack for my GlimmerMist class being held at Blossies and led by Gail. I was lucky enough to finish two layouts but even better, I only spent $7 on supplies!! Budget win!! I love when I take the time to check out the layouts and grab paper and card from my huge stash. I've promised to not buy anything until I use heaps of what I've got. (((But I do love having a go-to supply in my scrap room)))

Then after that fun, we had a BBQ to celebrate Ed's birthday... Just a bunch of Kiwis having drinks and playing guitar. Great night, awesome company.

Sunday was a complete bludge day for me. Stayed in my dressing gown all day. Kids lay about of the living room floor watching TV. Didn't do any laundry or cleaning or cooking.

So, has some fun, some relaxing, some learning and lots of laughs. How about you??

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