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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I came across my online journal of Nate's first 9 months with us and it bought a tear to my eye. Even though I am a mother of four children I still find it hard to comprehend just how much I love each of them.

Here is the entry that made me cry:
It's a little late but here is a quickie for the time poor (like me!):

I love the way he finds the breast in the dark, like how lovers find lips.
He hasn't refused any food yet.
His skin is amazingly and impossibly soft.
He hasn't had any reactions whatsoever to his needles ('cept for few tears)
We both had a cold recently. He looks how I feel ( CRAP!)
He still throws his arms around when he's breastfeeding, like a drowning sailor.
He loves having showers with Mum.
Still doesn't poo often, even though he eats every day.
He met his cousin Angel AKA Beatrice
Still tiny compared to his siblings at the same age.
Still gives me those eyes when he's in someone else's arms

My baby.

'Those eyes' were those big, brown possum eyes he'd bore into me if ever I gave him to someone
else to hold. They had this look of, 'Mama, save me!'

He's not a baby anymore but he's still my baby.

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