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Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Things I Dislike About Me....

1. I'm not a very motivated person. It takes me ages to do anything; get out of bed, pay my bills, visit the dentist.

2. I'm a whinger. Ok not a complete whinger but I do wish I was more of a 'happy 'bout everything, never a bad word' person.

3. I wish I would cook more. As per number one, I'm not motivated enough to put in a few hours in the kitchen every day. My tastebuds suffer daily....:(

4. I swear profusely!!! It's such a horrid habit. Wish I could control it.

5. I'm a smoker and it sucks. It messes up everything. I've been trying to quit for months (my hundredth attempt) and am down to only doing it on the weekends but I don't even wanna do that.

6. Road rage. 'Nuff said.

7. I wear glasses. I do admit they can be a nice fashion statement but I would like the choice to not wear them. Laser surgery would be cool.

8. I don't back-up enough. I have had more than one close call and thought it would learn me but no.

9. Even though I say I don't, I do care what other people think of me.

10. I have waaaaaaayyy too much scrap stuff.

And with that, I'm off to a friends for the night tomorrow. Time to de-stress a bit even though I'll have Nate with me. Enjoy your weekend!

Make It Crafty Giveaway!

If you haven't seen this blog before you really need to go have a look, there are some fantastic beauties to be had. If that isn't motivation enough, there is a HUGE give-away that ends TONIGHT so rush on over to enter.

Above is an example of what kind of work you might find. This card is darling and that little horsie? He actually rocks! I love paper engineering (pop-up books etc) and so this handmade wonder is clever and cool.

Head on over and check it out now at Make It Crafty.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've had a busy week of working out (yay) and keeping house (grr).

I've been completely excited all week to hear that one of my dearest childhood friends has moved to Australia and will be coming up tonight to stay for the weekend!!! (insert happy dance)
We haven't seen each other in, oh....16 years!!!!

I've been thinking about our friendship and how much influence she had on me growing up, even though she probably never knew it. X (her name really does start with X!) was always smarter than me, faster, better at netball, gorgeous! but SUCH a sweet, sweet person!!! I could almost dislike her for always pipping me at everything but she's just so darn lovely!!! I can't WAIT to see her again, see her smile and hear her laugh. Together with another friend we were the three amigos. It's bittersweet that she is coming but Lorr isn't here as well. For both of them I can honestly say that...She is my friend, my sister, my daughter and my mother.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A new find while I was blog-hopping. Introducing Paisleys and Polks Dots who supply pre-designed layouts, mini-albums and card kits using some of the hottest and most beautiful products out!

I can so see myself ordering a few of these just for the ease of use and the fact that I don't have to engage my brain too

Yummy Lolly

Yes, yummy indeed!! I felt like a change of scenery so just performed my first template download/unzip/upload/and customize. :D It was super easy thanks to Yummy Lolly and the easy-peasy instructions provided. Please go take a look and tell me what you think.

Well, we had a busy weekend!! I went out for drinks with a couple friends on Friday night. I'm not much of a going out girl so it was my first ever time at our local clubs. Frankly, I'm surprised that such a small town provides so many entertainment options.

I had a scrap class on Saturday morning but got my times mixed up so my wonderful man took all the kids to rugby on the Coast while I had a nice, quiet morning. I went to watch my nephew play soccer then had coffee and croissants with his mum.

By the time I'd finished being indulgent, I had to get home to pack for my GlimmerMist class being held at Blossies and led by Gail. I was lucky enough to finish two layouts but even better, I only spent $7 on supplies!! Budget win!! I love when I take the time to check out the layouts and grab paper and card from my huge stash. I've promised to not buy anything until I use heaps of what I've got. (((But I do love having a go-to supply in my scrap room)))

Then after that fun, we had a BBQ to celebrate Ed's birthday... Just a bunch of Kiwis having drinks and playing guitar. Great night, awesome company.

Sunday was a complete bludge day for me. Stayed in my dressing gown all day. Kids lay about of the living room floor watching TV. Didn't do any laundry or cleaning or cooking.

So, has some fun, some relaxing, some learning and lots of laughs. How about you??

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kaisercraft Hey Birdie Giveaway!!

One of my favourite-ist bloggers, and most talented scrappers is hosting a giveaway on her blog.
Head on over to Tanya's blog 'Sweet About Me' to see how you can win this super-cute pack.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I came across my online journal of Nate's first 9 months with us and it bought a tear to my eye. Even though I am a mother of four children I still find it hard to comprehend just how much I love each of them.

Here is the entry that made me cry:
It's a little late but here is a quickie for the time poor (like me!):

I love the way he finds the breast in the dark, like how lovers find lips.
He hasn't refused any food yet.
His skin is amazingly and impossibly soft.
He hasn't had any reactions whatsoever to his needles ('cept for few tears)
We both had a cold recently. He looks how I feel ( CRAP!)
He still throws his arms around when he's breastfeeding, like a drowning sailor.
He loves having showers with Mum.
Still doesn't poo often, even though he eats every day.
He met his cousin Angel AKA Beatrice
Still tiny compared to his siblings at the same age.
Still gives me those eyes when he's in someone else's arms

My baby.

'Those eyes' were those big, brown possum eyes he'd bore into me if ever I gave him to someone
else to hold. They had this look of, 'Mama, save me!'

He's not a baby anymore but he's still my baby.

Monday, May 17, 2010


The weather here in Brisbane is getting cooler. Lately we've been waking up to 15 degrees and struggling to get over 24 degrees. I find it veeeerrrrry hard to get motivated in the mornings during winter. As it is, it's 7.20am and I am still under the covers, wearing my dressing gown and playing on the computer. I have to get up and sort out my children, get ready for an Abs, Bum and Legs class and take care of the normal housework etc. But........brrrrrrr!! It's so cold!! Hope the weather is nice where you are!


This is a layout I made using the American Crafts Heidi Swapp fabric paper.

Made with my April Nook Kit. Photo taken at our local park. It's such a gorgeous area and we are truly blessed to live so close to it. We all visit here atleast twice a week and I'm still discovering my favourite parts of the park.

Used KaiserCraft paints for the stamped frame and tried folding double-sided paper for something different.

Ok, confession time.
First, I have NO idea how to upload my photos in the order I want them displayed and then to add text where I want it to be. I am still learning things about blogging.

Second, for about 8 months I have been uploading my photos into the wrong folder on my Photo Gallery so all those photos I'd thought I'd somehow misplaced have been found. Prepare for a mega upload in the coming days...:D

Third, today I invited a friend to come look at my blog. She is quite possibly my first ever reader. It is a daunting experience having your life and skills and experience open to discussion.
But it's not the scariest thing I've ever done.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nookie Love

Flowers made from sewing pattern paper. I bought the pattern from a second-hand shop for $0.50 and have enough for a few hundred of these!! I just folded a few layers then cut a circle out. Secure the layers with a small brad.Crumple top layer right up, then second a little bit less and so on. I left the bottom two layers uncrumpled. Then smooth the layers out a little. I cut a big Kaiser gem on top of the brad and then sprayed with Raven Glimmer Mist.
While I was at the Secondhand shop I found this, 'The Fireside Book' published in 1978 and filled with these gorgeous hand painted images. I created a visual triangle with the birds to help the eye wander over the page. I also did the same thing with the flowers above.
And the completed layout! It's a class taught by the wonderful Tanya at the Scrapbook Nook using the May Kit. They are having a special for new customers for the month of May so please check it out here.

Right we are off for a BBQ soon so I'd better go and get some food ready! Happy Sunday!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bad, bad Blogger!!

First, some layouts!!
Noni and I had these photos taken at one of those photo booths that you can change the background, frame and text in while we were waiting at Christchurch Airport. Tiny pics (I had to share) but I think you get the feeling of their vibrancy from the bright colours I chose to use. I thought the vellum were actually rub-ons and was very disappointed after a few minutes of furiously rubbing at them. But they still look OK.

More NZ pics, this time at the Domain, one of my childhood haunts!! Love the photos and how well they look in the grid. Completed in class with Gail Lindner at Blossie's. The month tag is a part of Blossie's own range of journalling helpers. They can be bought as a sheet (white, Kraft) instore or as a pdf from the website.

And a quickie layout of Nate and his cousin Rewa. These guys are almost the same age and so sooooooo cute!! I haven't mentioned it before but I often have trouble with titles when I'm scrapbooking. In this layout there is NO connection between the journalling and the title. So I recently posted a topic on the Nook forum to ask where people get their inspiration for titles. I heard from Celeste who said she journals first then pulls a word or two from that to use as her title. Sounds so simple I can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself! Find other good tips here.

OK, we've been very busy with the business this week as we had a break-in. Nothing too serious but we've been run off our feet reinstating security measures. I've also started back at fitness classes after a one week hiatus and while it only takes up two hours of my day it stuffs me for the rest of But I'm slowly getting back in the swing of it and accomplishing other things as well.

The past week I haven't had much of my own mojo so followed a few classes from The Nook blog. Their designers are so talented and clever it almost seems naughty NOT to steal their creativity!

I received my May Nook kit and it is chockas full of October Afternoon beauties and I so HEART their retro vintage-yness...IYKWIM!!

Hopefully today I'll take some pics and upload but I have rugby with the boys this morning as well as watching my nephew Trae play soccer and then we have an over-night visitor so I may be pushing it...hehehe

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Theme Park Fun!

As part of Neven's birthday we'd promised to take the family to Dreamworld. It's long weekend here today and normally I dread the queues, the crowds and the heat but today was a definite exception!!

We waited no more than 10 minutes for rides and even got to try the new AVPX ride and the bigger kids got to try the park's newest ride, The Wedgie. I can tell you that it certainly lives up to it's name!

Dad drove home in silence as the rest of the car had fallen asleep!! Poor Daddy! Here's a few pics to share....
He's such a water baby!

One of our favourite rides!

Blue skies, all around....nice!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

To celebrate my sister-in-law and I got together to do a project that I found at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The Mirror Project, Seeing The Beauty Within by Donna Kert has such a sweet and meaningful sentiment. Here is an excerpt from the intro:

As a girl grows, she is often bombarded with mixed messages about what real beauty is. If she listens to those messages, it can leave her vulnerable and lacking in self-confidence. It is so important to counter those messages with the most inspiring and empowering ones we can, as often as we can. When she learns to see that inner beauty, she will never look in the mirror the same again. Instead of only seeing a bad hair day or flawed skin, she will see strength, confidence, and truth shine through. She will learn to see her real beauty; it illuminates the world and makes it a better place.

The project that we will make together in class is a wonderfully tangible way to share our own insight with our girls and pass along the hopes and dreams that we have for them. Through the pages of a small book, we will celebrate who she is now and inspire her to be all that she dreams of becoming. This is very BIG!

The only supplies I had to buy were some thick chipboard for the covers and a small mirror. Having a 13 year old daughter I'm all too aware that the messages she gets from others aren't always healthy so I dove right into making this book. SIL's made her book for her 6 year old daughter so ours each looked very different.

I need a few pieces of cardstock to finish it off but I can't wait to show you!!