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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I recently finished Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook 2 class and here are a couple of layouts I completed from the sketches she emailed. This one above of my son Neven, I absolutely LOVE. I guess just because it says what's in my heart, there are two great photos and I didn't buy anything for it. Neven has a few behavioural issues which means it's hard for him to make and keep friends but he really is the sweetest little boy. He picks flowers for me, whispers "i love you mummy" in my ear so no-one else will hear, and he can be painfully shy sometimes.

I've scrapped this photo of my sisters and I (on the right) before but I love it and had a spare laying around so had another go. I used spray on ink to mask the cages above and continued that line with the ink and glitzed cage. Again, very pleased with using up some of my stash.

I've signed up for May Flaums Use Your Stash class which started this week and I'm really looking forward to doing just that!!

Have a super weekend everyone!!