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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free Online Elle's Studio Class

Remember when I blogged about having trouble with journaling and titles here?
Well, you can imagine how happy I was to hear that Elle's studio will be holding a three week on-line tutorial on journaling!

Held from the 8th to 28th of August they will feature 12 amazing scrapbookers who will provide tips and techniques on how to journal on your pages....:-D

You can read about it here and be sure to mark it on your calendar!!

I'm blog surfing while sitting in bed suffering from tonsilitis and chills. NOT an ideal start to my weekend but I still have lots on. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chatter Chatter

Nate, our resident Darling, is at that stage where is tries to copy every word you put to him. I just wanted to put down a list of his words at the moment.

Mom - Mum
Da - Dad
Nona - Siona
Roww - Tyrell
NeNe - Neven
Dot - Dog
Boo - Bird
Shoes and Socks
Nom Nom - Food
Ar Ta - Put your laptop up Mum!
Bolo - Bottle
Hum Ear - Come hear
Ars ee Ooh - I see you!
Ba! - bath or Bye!
See You!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm a Survivor!

Yes, the school holidays are nearly over and my children go back to school tomorrow. I do love having them home but my lack of motivation and energy lately means we barely utilise the time we have together effectively. By that I mean that I wish the TV was off and we were out more often!!
So this week I'm going to look into a multivitamin to address that issue.

In other news, since I want to start the laundry service, I'll be looking at childcare options for Nate over the coming weeks. I'm usually a bit teary as we get to this stage but I know he's bored senseless and I am finding it difficult to keep up with him so I think everything will be fine.

But first, back to fitness classes!! I've gained weight over the holidays and I'm keen to move it! So as soon as I drop the kids off tomorrow morning, I'll be ready for class.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today we had to tell Tyrell that one of his class mates had died in a car accident over the school holidays. It was difficult because even though we are very open about death (as per our upbringings) we just haven't suffered any deaths in our families. My heart goes out to the surviving family members as they bear such a tragic loss. Tyrell has chosen to go to the funeral to say goodbye to 'one of my best mates'....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nook Special

All of the above are from the DT at My Scrapbook Nook as either classes with full instructions or shared in the Gallery.

At the moment the Nook is running a special for new kit club members, only while stocks last! Join up from June 23 for a full year and you will receive a free June kit as well as the normal special of receiving your 13th month free!

The Nook's DT post classes to inspire you how to use your Kits as well as being accessible through their super-friendly message board. Returning customers also get 10% off all purchases from the shop including Kit add ons.

So, if you've ever thought about joining a Kit Club may I thoroughly recommend My Scrapbook Nook? :)

More Sharing

This was a layout by Tanya for the June Nook Kit. I turned mine abit but it's mostly lifted.

I actually thought this one out from start to finish. Used a chippie embellishment to trace the 'trees'.

This was from a class by Gail Linder at Blossies. Pics are four years old now but still so cute. I love the papers.

Another one I did on my own (pat on the back) just because I love this photo.

So, I'm thinking of calling myself a scraplifter instead of a scrapbooker. :) It's been such a while since I actually created something completely of my own. I love the creative process but lately I've been in a rut. I barely have time to pack for classes let alone sit down and think something out from start to finish. That's why I thought I'd add some of my own today, because it's been such a long time since I did

One week left of school holidays. I'm taking the kids to my fitness class tomorrow and might stop at the park on my way home. Shannon is having the day off on Tuesday and he'll take the kids to the movies. We have a few other outings planned and hopefully they won't get too bored or spend too much time in front of a monitor.


A bought this Birdcage shilouette at K-Mart as a pack of wall murals. Such a lovely embellie and I could always use others as masks as they're are vinyl.

A simple layout to celebrate my younger sister.

Unfussy but with a few layers. My boys and their cousin. Managed to mix a few manufacturers here: Cosmo Cricket, Hambly, Jenny Bowlin and Sassafrass.

More to come as I try to catch up.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Da da da daaaaaa!

Gail told me today that she had read my blog!! She's the first person who has viewed it without my prompting! That makes two readers other than me....:)

I wonder who will be my first commenter??


Sorry bout the bad pictures, I was going to make the most of some lovely light this arvo and then my camera battery died! Anyway, I spent some of today at Blossie's doing Gail Lindners 'Gimme 5' class. Five layouts in four hours! I have to commit myself to only putting down the basic structure and not playing around with the details in order to get the whole five done but it's always worth the push.
Above, my nephew Te Manea AKA Hundle Bundle.

Quentin and my boys at the park. The top left pic was hanging in a montage frame on the wall until an hour before the It's a sweet moment I wanted them to remember so I'm glad it's done.

And old pictures of my nearly 14 year old. Not totally happy with the result (colour-wise) but still glad that they are done.

All pages use the June Nook Kit + Bazzill and assorted accessories. I will upload more from today and those from last weeks class with Yvette.