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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sorry bout the bad pictures, I was going to make the most of some lovely light this arvo and then my camera battery died! Anyway, I spent some of today at Blossie's doing Gail Lindners 'Gimme 5' class. Five layouts in four hours! I have to commit myself to only putting down the basic structure and not playing around with the details in order to get the whole five done but it's always worth the push.
Above, my nephew Te Manea AKA Hundle Bundle.

Quentin and my boys at the park. The top left pic was hanging in a montage frame on the wall until an hour before the It's a sweet moment I wanted them to remember so I'm glad it's done.

And old pictures of my nearly 14 year old. Not totally happy with the result (colour-wise) but still glad that they are done.

All pages use the June Nook Kit + Bazzill and assorted accessories. I will upload more from today and those from last weeks class with Yvette.

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