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Friday, April 30, 2010

Some good, some not so good!

I don't actually like this L/O, something about the colours just doesn't gel. But I took the photo and put it on my Debit Card because I love it so much!

Celebrating Neven's 5th birthday at MovieWorld was a huge hit for him because he got to meet his idol, Batman.

A class sketch with Yvette at my LSS. Love the pic ('cept for my grotty old bathroom!)

Me trying to get the perfect family pic at the park. Finally settled on the picture in the layout above! lol

A layout I did just because our life does include mess but...It's OK!!

Baby Ga-Ga

Nate is trying earnestly to speak and we are trying just as hard to teach him new words.

His first word was 'no' quickly followed by 'Don't!'. He now says 'Eeeeeeee' as in 'Eeee YUCK!' and 'Poo'. Poo is usually acccompanied by clutching at his nappy. He knows what the following words mean: nose, eyes, ears, arero (tongue). Can say 'Nona' (Siona), A-ya (Aaliyah), Da (Dad), Boo (birds), shush (shoes), MY (mine). He shoves his feet in my face when he wants me to do This little Piggy and puts his hands in the air for Twinkle Twinkle. He LOVES to dance. He claps his hands and tries to do rolly pollies and pulls some pretty cool moves.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Pizza!

Today is my son's 7th birthday so we had a pizza party on the grounds of the park in which he and his brother train for rugby. He is feeling very spoilt today. Happy Birthday Neven, you make the sun shine on our family.

I once read an article on Birth Order. The theory being that there are certain characteristics given to each position and how being in their position affects each child. If there is a gap of 5 years or more then the Positioning starts over. Going by that theory I have 2 only children, 1 eldest1, and 2 youngest. Anyone want to guess how many kids I really do have? :)

Amazing what you can do with Scrap stuff?! Used some old Basic Gray Alphas to mask the cake then added some Cake Bling (sprinkles!)

Colorful Goodies

Ok, so this one was made with the freebies from the first Kaisercraft mag and a few other stash bits. I cut the bird on the left of the L/O from some gorgeous suede paper. Shannon's Nana died a few years ago and we still miss her.

I used watered down ink to spray and a chippie piece to mask. Love those SC cardstock embellishments.

My first fabric flower (made possible with a rubber band!) I painted the back of a Hambly transparency to make it stand our more.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspired thinking....

A L/O completed at a Sketch Class at my LSS, taught by the lovely Gail Lindner and featuring my favourite little boy, Nate!

This one was inspired Ali Edward's method of making the photos STAR!! I had originally cut these pics for a double L/O but didn't have the embellies or journalling to back it up so squished it on one page. Love how it turned out.

Drum roll please...

As promised I am slowly uploading some of my pages. To be honest, I am quite nervous about being judged by my peers so it may take a while before I even let ppl know! The page above is quite out of my NORMAL for many reasons:
a) it's very pink
b) it's very girly and pretty
c) it's very layered
d) it is quite busy
I've been scrapping long enough to know my style is clean, unfussy and simple. I simply don't have the patience or the time to put this much in every layout (props to those girls and boys who do though). That said, I really like this page because it got me out of my comfort zone.

On this page I was trying out some paint techniques (orange background, journalling lines). And it was one of those L/O's I rushed just to see the end result! lol I do really like the colours and super HART the Dragon sticker I have had in my stash for, oh......, 5 years!! Trouble is, my son isn't actually a Dragon so I'll be swapping his photo for one of myself, a Fire Dragon!!


Yay! Just got my Scrapbook Nook Kit. EXCITEMENT!!! So many gorgeous pretties!!!

I completely adore papers that have a very strong graphical design so HART HART HART the Zigzag Paper and Daring Dots from MME. And totally feeling the tessellations on Classy from lily bee.

Not only is it my son, Neven's, 7th Birthday today but I have birthday cards to make for two other family members who will be celebrating with us tonight and I can't wait to spread some Nookie LOVE on those cards...hehehehe!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi everyone,

If you're reading this that makes two of us! Welcome to my blog, somewhere for me to hopefully show off my scrapbooking, boast about my gorgeous family and wax lyrical when I feel like it.

More to come!!