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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bad, bad Blogger!!

First, some layouts!!
Noni and I had these photos taken at one of those photo booths that you can change the background, frame and text in while we were waiting at Christchurch Airport. Tiny pics (I had to share) but I think you get the feeling of their vibrancy from the bright colours I chose to use. I thought the vellum were actually rub-ons and was very disappointed after a few minutes of furiously rubbing at them. But they still look OK.

More NZ pics, this time at the Domain, one of my childhood haunts!! Love the photos and how well they look in the grid. Completed in class with Gail Lindner at Blossie's. The month tag is a part of Blossie's own range of journalling helpers. They can be bought as a sheet (white, Kraft) instore or as a pdf from the website.

And a quickie layout of Nate and his cousin Rewa. These guys are almost the same age and so sooooooo cute!! I haven't mentioned it before but I often have trouble with titles when I'm scrapbooking. In this layout there is NO connection between the journalling and the title. So I recently posted a topic on the Nook forum to ask where people get their inspiration for titles. I heard from Celeste who said she journals first then pulls a word or two from that to use as her title. Sounds so simple I can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself! Find other good tips here.

OK, we've been very busy with the business this week as we had a break-in. Nothing too serious but we've been run off our feet reinstating security measures. I've also started back at fitness classes after a one week hiatus and while it only takes up two hours of my day it stuffs me for the rest of But I'm slowly getting back in the swing of it and accomplishing other things as well.

The past week I haven't had much of my own mojo so followed a few classes from The Nook blog. Their designers are so talented and clever it almost seems naughty NOT to steal their creativity!

I received my May Nook kit and it is chockas full of October Afternoon beauties and I so HEART their retro vintage-yness...IYKWIM!!

Hopefully today I'll take some pics and upload but I have rugby with the boys this morning as well as watching my nephew Trae play soccer and then we have an over-night visitor so I may be pushing it...hehehe

Wish me luck!!

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